Sightseeing description

-Ulaanbaatar excursions
-Dugana khad with Mini Naadam festival
-Khognokhan and Kharkhorin
-13th century complex and Khokh nuur lake
-Khustain nuruu national park
-Gobi desert with camel riding
-Khuvsgul lake
-World energy center by local train
-Horse riding and trekking in western steppe.

Other trips are available upon request.

For the details and reservation of tours and other services as hotel, transfers, transportations, guide-interpreters, international air tickets, visa and etc., please contact the local contact.

Official partners of the marathon.

-Partner hotels in Ulaanbaatar city.

Bayangol hotel
Chingis khan hotel
Khabu hotel

Other hotels are available upon request.

-Flights to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

MIAT, Mongolian airlines, an official partner of the marathon, is your connecting airline taking you to Mongolia from Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin and Moscow.

-Tours and services.

AR MONGOL TRAVEL GROUP, one of leading tour operators of Mongolia, an official member of the Organizing Committee and an initiator of the marathon.