Mails to the Mongolia Marathon

For the first time I was customer of the Berlin tour operator REISEZEIT – and I didn’t regret this decision because of having a lot of fun on this journey. I’m shure it will be not the last time that I travel together with REISEZEIT. A good organization, impress-ing Mongolian landscape impressions, many meetings with always polite, nice peo-ple. Many thanks to all the collaborators and supporters who have successfully organizing the 1st International Mongolia Marathon. Taking into consideration that this kind of marathon event has been prepared and organized for the first time I have to value the whole event as very good. Only with regard to the problem of the all-day traffic jam and as it was resolved at the main run day and course – fantastic. Frank and free: according to my own experiences one day before I didn’t expect that this traffic problem can find any solution. Therefore many praise and commends to the Mongolian Militia as well as all their collaborators for their impressing efforts and engagement beside the course and at the start and finish which resulted into an unlimited running pleasure for every participant. My best wishes that these sports events will continue in the next year.
Ingo Beier, D-Schortens

At whole this Mongolia excursion was very well prepared and organized. I would like to recommend that marathon-event in Ulaan Baator to any interested newcomer. Su-per for example this beautiful medal award as well as the wonderful gala party.
Volker Heinzelmann, D-Domhun .

Once again we would like to thank you very much for this wonderful excursion. We had booked the whole Mongolia-tour including the pre-excursion via Irkutsk, the most impressive Baikal Lake and further on our travelling with the well-famous TRANSIB rail ways to Ulan Bator. We returned very enriched and grateful to learn know the Mongolia marathon as well as the beautiful Mongolia.
Christa und Gustav Lörcher, D-Schwenningen-Villingen.