Gobi desert with camel riding

Direction from Ulaanbaatar: South
Distance from Ulaanbaatar: 580 kms
Means of transport: Air transport
Length of travel: 1.5 hrs flight
Recommended tour days: 2 nights /3 days

Highlights of the place.

Gobi is one of the most interesting and mysterious place in the world. The site of an ancient inland sea, the Gobi is a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. Gobi is a home to argali (wild sheep) tekh (ibex), irvis (snow leopard), khulan (wild ass), white tailed gazelles, wild camels and Gobi bear.

The Yoliin am (Vulture valley), one of highlights of the Gobi desert, nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Gurvansaihan /three beauties/ mountains, towering 1000 feet above the surrounding steppe , shelters glaciers which remain frozen even on the summer’s hottest day.

Another highlight is Bayanzag, which means “rich in saxauls”. Bayanzag is known as the “flaming cliffs”. Fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs 1stexcavated in 1922 in Bayanzag. It’s a classic desert of rock, red sands, scrub, sun and awesome emptiness.