Dugana khad with Mini-Naadam festival

Direction from Ulaanbaatar:North
Distance from Ulaanbaatar:109kms
Means of transport:Ground transport
Length of travel:1.5-2hrs drive
Recommended tour days:1 night / 2 days


Highlights of the place.

Dugana khad grassland, located in 108kms north from Ulaanbaatar, alone in a picturesque mountain valley. The road to the resort, 8kms goes through pine tree forest mountains. The surrounding area is essential place for hiking, trekking and horse riding.

Mini - Naadam is a small scale Naadam festival, dedicated exclusively to our guests to enjoy the festival in close distance allowing them to communicate with wrestlers and horse racer children and take photos of life time memory about our country. Since Ar Mongol Travel Group opened own tourist resort “Dugana khad” in 2000 in the Dugana khad grassland , it’s been a resort of a great interest and pleasure by its beautiful nature and high level service extended to our guests.