13th century complex and Khokh nuur lake

Direction from Ulaanbaatar: South-East
Distance from Ulaanbaatar:13th century complex – 120kms and Khokh nuur lake – more 120kms. Totally, about 230kms.
Means of transport:Ground transport
Length of travel:3.5-4hrs drive by paved road
Recommended tour days:1 night / 2 days

Highlights of the place.

This complex consists of 2 main parts. The 1st part is a big statue of Chingis khan, located 60 km from Ulaanbaatar nearby close to “Tuul” river with rich historical events. The Chingis khan statue is located in the center. The statue is 42 m high, including its round shaped base construction. The top of the statue itself has a height of 30 meter. Khan’s museum, display hall, restaurant, pub, cafe, conference and meeting facilities, and souvenir shops are in the base construction. The elevator will take you up to the upper end the horse tail. Walking through the part of horse chest and the edge of the saddle, you will reach to the forehead of horse.

The 2nd part of the complex is the ancient camps area. The 13th century is recognized as the period of Mongolian empire. Here, the project “XIII century National Park” aims to provide you these opportunities by welcoming you at its micro Kingdom. You will be amazed with watching and practicing XIII century’s Mongolians everyday life, such as state affairs, breeding the livestock, traditions and customs, garments etc showed at 6 spots of The Relay Station, Craftsmen camp, Educational camp, The Herders’ camp, Shaman camp and King Palace.


Khokh nuur lake in Khentii mountains was the place where Khamag (all) Mongol state was declared and Chingis khan was elected a khan of Mongols. Therefore the place is deeply worshipped by Mongols as a sacred place. The lake is located at 1625mrs above sea level formed on top of a mountain surrounded with rich forest.