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International Mongolia Marathon with maximum success

Mongolia's capital city Ulaanbaatar has initiated an annual international Marathon, to be held for the first time on 5 June 2010.



Die Mongolei, zwischen Russland und China gelegen, dürfte zu den exotischsten und gastfreundlichsten Ländern Asiens gehören.


Laufevents - Mongolia Marathon 2010 INFO

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Thanks to T.Batjargal and Jantsan Batbayasgalan representing the marathon

Many thanks to Spyridon Zagaris, Mayor of the Municipality of Marathon, Greece for his message and to his nephew for telling us the story of Gregoris Lambrakis.


Ulaanbaatar int'l marathon to run

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The administration of Ulaanbaatar city has decided to organize an international marathon competition called "Ulaanbaatar Marathon".


Mail to the Mongolia Marathon

For the first time I was customer of the Berlin tour operator REISEZEIT – and I didn’t regret this decision because of having a lot of fun on this journey. I’m shure it will be not the last time that I travel together with REISEZEIT.


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Local new - on newspaper "Өнөөдөр сонин" №128

International Marathon in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Post Race - on Sports + Travel /Hong Kong/ Sep-Oct 2012

About the marathon

Dear Marathoners,

We are happy to greet you after the 6th “Ulaanbaatar marathon” – an event of Ulaanbaatar city municipality, was successfully held last June, 2015 jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Green development, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and UNFPA . Next “Ulaanbaatar marathon” will be held on 7th time on June 04, 2016, jointly with the Mongolian Olympic Committee, Mongolian Athletics Federation and Ar Mongol Travel Group, one of leading tour operators of Mongolia.

This event opens Mongolia to all, those who run internationally, who are looking for new running discoveries and who would like to experience Mongolia - a rare country with kept untouched ancient nomadic culture, seemingly blue sky and endless grassland steppe.

This marathon will be not only running, but one of colorful and festive events of the running world accompanied by cultural performances associated with the history of Great Genghis khan's Mongolia, Mini-Naadam festival, Mongolian Noodle party-special event for runners and many more.

The marathon will be organized on professional level prepared and operated by Mongolian and international experts. The course is measured in accordance with IAAF guidelines.

Special prizes and surprises with Mongolian spirit waiting for winners!

So, see you in great Genghis khan's ancient, sunny and vast Mongolia in June, 2016 !